Stained teeth

Teeth Staining (Frequently Asked Questions)

What causes teeth staining? Tooth stains caused by lifestyle habits: Foods/drinks: Coffee, tea, colas, wines, and some starchy foods such as pasta or potatoes, can create conditions that cause staining. Smoking also stains your teeth….

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Dental Anxiety

Managing Dental Anxiety (you are not alone)

There are many who fear dental visits and procedures, and this can sometimes be difficult to overcome. It can have a great impact on your health, as regular dental visits are a key component of dental health. Dealing with dental…

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Baby teething in Kew

How to Calm Your Baby During Teething

To help your teething baby, there are several things you can do to reduce his or her discomfort. Gum pain can be reduced with cold temperature, whether in the form of a frozen teething ring, a wet cloth, or even a cold dummy. Allow your baby…

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