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 Dental Check-up

Dental Checkup | Dental Exam | Dentist KewDr. Michael McIntyre at Kew Dental understands that most people live busy lives today, however it’s essential to take care of your teeth as it has an effect on your overall health and well being.   During a routine dental checkup, we will:

Examine and assess the health of your teeth, gums and soft tissues.

Detecting cavities and any soft tissue pathology early makes for better treatment outcomes, and often helps save permanent teeth which may be lost if decay progresses too far. The radiographs may or may not be used to assist in diagnosis. Plaque, when not removed, can eventually become tartar which can be difficult to remove with home brushing and flossing.  Tartar can lead to gum disease, which has been linked to medical conditions like heart problems and diabetes. Your gums can be a big indicator of your overall health, and potential gum disease.  Dr. McIntyre will  measure the space between teeth and gums which typically become deeper when gum disease is present.

On conclusion, a tailored treatment plan can be formulated to address your overall oral health or cosmetic concerns.